Baidyanath Aam Panna Pack of 2

Baidyanath Aam Panna Pack of 2  

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt Ltd
600 ml

Rs. 240

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Information about Baidyanath Aam Panna Pack of 2 Baidyanath Aam Panna is a delicious drink widely savoured in summers as it helps beat the effects of high temperatures of peak summer. This light green coloured drink is prepared from green mangoes (carries) and protects your body from the ill effects of summer heat. Key Ingredients: Green Mango (raw) pulp Ginger Mint leaves Black Salt Rock Salt Sugar Cumin Seeds Black Pepper Citric acid Key Benefits: Prevents heat stroke and dehydration Boosts immunity and regulates insulin levels Improves the digestion and prevents anemia Treats the condition caused by severe lack of vitamin C in the diet Eliminates toxins and enhances skin appearance and reducers the ageing signs of skin Helps in improving vision Directions For Use Blend one part of Baidyanath Aam Panna with four to five parts of cold water. No need to add sugar. Safety Information: Read the label carefully before use Store in a cool and dry place Store away from direct light Used as a beverage only, not for medicinal use